After a 30-year career dedicated to enhancing the appeal of products and services for titan brands worldwide, he founded ELEVATION BARN—a heartfelt philosophy, process, and space aimed at reigniting self-belief and clarity of purpose in people from all walks of life. By future-proofing their stories with structure and a peer-to-peer support network, individuals are empowered to live more joyous and meaningful journeys.

The ELEVATION BARN community now celebrates voices in 48 countries, uniting diverse thoughts through celebrated inclusivity. The EB network supports personal well-being development through its partnership network WELL™ and propels business solutions through its deep resource of action-based experts across 170+ industry fields via STABLE™.

Partners like Dragonfly360, CEO Magazine, Ernst & Young, Fast Company, Young Presidents' Organizations, Entrepreneurs' Organizations, and Quintessentially all endorse EB’s reach and philosophy of higher purpose impact. Additionally, hundreds of international corporations embrace EB’s services to elevate their leadership well-being.

Will has had a boundless curiosity and passion for life since childhood. As the son of a candy inventor father and later an academic leader in the arts stepfather, his journey has been rich in creativity and grounded by his mother's wisdom. He brings this to bear by personally leading many of EB’s retreats for those in transition, lifting hearts and minds, and creating events, experiences, and content for the world around him.

Will’s podcast, ELEVATE, has a global following from all walks of life, featuring deep stories exploring the lives of fascinating friends in science, exploration, sports, academics, art, and all journeys in entrepreneurialism. He brings this inspiration to life as a motivational speaker, investor, collaborator, and father. He lives with his family and wife, Zhanna, between the island of Bali, Indonesia, and New York City.


If someone else has done it – you can too. Unite with people who respect and lift your dreams. Bow out of societies, clubs, jobs and relationships that don’t. We have two choices for how we look at the world.. choose the one half full, because a majority of people that guide you will try and drive you to the half empty choice, for their own personal gain.

Friendships…the right ones are crucial. Who you work with… make their skills superior to yours and ensure they love and respect what you do. Commit and then work it out and accept opportunities that you know in your heart and gut, fuel your passions and love for life. You only have one.Make every moment count on your clock… no one else’s… and live every day like it’s your last. It maybe.


Exploring the diverse wisdom of International Changemakers

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Will Travis is a key leader at a collective focused on supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Leveraging his international network and expertise, he helps develop mission-critical solutions, connecting planet-critical projects with businesses that embrace sustainability. His work includes strategic planning, project incubation, and fostering global partnerships with individuals, NGOs, and enterprises.

As part of this creative and strategic task force, Will is dedicated to promoting a more sustainable and equitable future. He plays a significant role in uniting global experts to advance sustainability, facilitating partnerships that tackle climate change and environmental conservation. Through his efforts, Will Travis contributes to a better planet and plays a crucial role in advancing initiatives that impact future generations.

Will collaborates with multiple conservation groups, and Grant Fowlds' Project Rhino, supported by South Africa’s anti-poaching systems, is one very close to his heart. There is little to try to understand when we see the brutality of this trade; local guards face some of the heaviest armed poachers equipped with cutting-edge tech, drones, and explosives to quench international demands.
Will in Dubai with Dr. Sylvia Earle at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, UAE. Sylvia Alice Earle, born in 1935, is a prominent American marine biologist, oceanographer, and National Geographic Explorer at Large. She was the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and was named Time Magazine's first Hero for the Planet in 1998. Earle, a member of Ocean Elders, founded the Mission Blue Foundation, on whose board Will has served for five years.
Will supports elite polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan, OBE, with an around-the-world gathering of EB alumni and friends to share his call to arms for polar preservation. Rob, the first person to trek to both poles, is an advocate for Antarctica's protection and renewable energy, and he founded the 2041 Initiative and co-authored "Antarctica 2041: My Quest to Save the Earth's Last Wilderness." In November 2017, Swan undertook the South Pole Energy Challenge, a 600-mile journey relying solely on renewable energy, with his son, Barney Swan. He stressed the need to turn failures into green recovery successes and expressed unwavering commitment to preserving Antarctica.
Will is supporting South African documentary filmmaker, naturalist, and founder of the Sea Change Project, Craig Foster, at his residence in Simon's Town, after previously featuring Craig on the ELEVATE podcast with Dr. Sylvia Earle. Best known for his 2020 film "My Octopus Teacher," which won an Academy Award in 2021, and former films "The Great Dance: A Hunter's Story" and "My Hunter's Heart," Craig is dedicated to protecting marine life and raising awareness about the threats to South Africa's kelp forests.
Will unites with the incredible Dr. Zach Bush, MD (renowned physician specializing in internal medicine and endocrinology, internationally recognized for his expertise on the microbiome's impact on health and food systems), creating exclusive ELEVATION BARN evenings, podcasts, and two-day private retreats for 80 impact leaders. Zach, the founder of Seraphic Group and Farmer’s Footprint (both dedicated to addressing human and ecological health challenges), advocates for a shift from chemical farming, emphasizing the importance of soil health and sustainable practices for a healthier future.
Will Travis collaborates with Project Rhino to protect rhinos from poaching and extinction. He joined an impact trip to understand the brutal reality of the rhino war, witnessing firsthand the violent conflict between heavily armed poachers and anti-poaching units. This trip, guided by experienced conservationists Grant Fowlds and Nicolene Anley, aimed to raise awareness and explore solutions to combat the illegal trade of rhino horns. Will’s involvement highlights the urgency to stop poaching and the need for innovative approaches to ensure the survival of the planet's remaining rhinos.


STABLE is a unique task force within ELEVATION BARN that helps brands solve complex business challenges through cross-disciplinary collaboration. Will Travis plays a key role in leading this initiative, leveraging his extensive network to connect clients with over 600 experts from 48 countries. These action-oriented leaders bring diverse expertise to address today's grand challenges, providing both insights and practical solutions.

STABLE operates as an in-action consultancy, differing from traditional agencies by offering hands-on expertise that is directly relevant to each client's needs. Will Travis and his team facilitate the application of these insights, ensuring impactful results. By drawing on the collective knowledge and resources of ELEVATION BARN, STABLE adapts to each unique challenge, helping businesses achieve their sustainability and growth goals through collaborative, tailored approaches.

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