After a 30-year career dedicated to enhancing the appeal of products and services for titan brands worldwide, he founded ELEVATION BARN—a heartfelt philosophy, process, and space aimed at reigniting self-belief and clarity of purpose in people from all walks of life. By future-proofing their stories with structure and a peer-to-peer support network, individuals are empowered to live more joyous and meaningful journeys.

The ELEVATION BARN community now celebrates voices in 48 countries, uniting diversity of thought through celebrated inclusivity. The EB network supports personal wellbeing development through its partnership network WELL™ and propels business solutions through its deep resource of action-based experts across 170+ industry fields via STABLE™.

Partners like Dragonfly, CEO Magazine, EY, Fast Company, YPO, EO, and Quintessentially all endorse EB’s reach and philosophy of higher purpose impact. Additionally, hundreds of international corporations embrace EB’s services to elevate their leadership wellbeing.

Will has had a boundless curiosity and passion for life since childhood. As the son of a candy inventor father and later an academic leader in the arts stepfather, his journey has been one rich in creativity and the grounding of his love for others through his mother’s wisdom. He brings this to bear by personally leading many of EB’s retreats for those in transition and lifts hearts and minds, creating events, experiences, and content for the world around.

Will’s podcast, ELEVATE, has a global following from all walks of life, featuring deep stories exploring the lives of fascinating friends in science, exploration, sports, academics, art, and all journeys in entrepreneurialism.He brings this inspiration to life as a motivational speaker, investor, collaborator, and father. Living life with his family and wife, Zhanna, between the Island of Bali, Indonesia, and New York City.


If someone else has done it – you can too. Unite with people who respect and lift your dreams. Bow out of societies, clubs, jobs and relationships that don’t. We have two choices for how we look at the world.. choose the one half full, because a majority of people that guide you will try and drive you to the half empty choice, for their own personal gain.

Friendships…the right ones are crucial. Who you work with… make their skills superior to yours and ensure they love and respect what you do. Commit and then work it out and accept opportunities that you know in your heart and gut, fuel your passions and love for life. You only have one.Make every moment count on your clock… no one else’s… and live every day like it’s your last. It maybe.


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Will Travis is a key figure within LABS by ELEVATION BARN, a collective dedicated to supporting luminary leaders in achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. As part of this creative and strategic taskforce, Will brings his expertise to develop mission-critical solutions and foster partnerships with individuals, NGOs, and enterprises worldwide. His role spans from strategic thinking to project incubation, acting as a bridge between planet-critical projects and the businesses that support them.

With a focus on sustainability and global vision, Will serves as a pivotal link in LABS, leveraging his international network and skills in strategy and creativity to drive positive change. Through collaboration and purposeful action, Will Travis plays a crucial role in advancing initiatives that promote a more sustainable and equitable future for generations to come.